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Safe Pregnancy Exercises

Physical and mental demands of the body need to be coped up with to have an enjoyable 9 months. Besides being important for your health, exercises should be such where one doesn’t feel it as a task of daily routine. It should be a relaxing and enjoyable experience to keep your mind and body fresh.  Safe Pregnancy Exercises Exercises helps the body prepare for the rigors of the labor and child birth. It aids in keeping away the complications like gestational diabetes and also brings better sleep at night. After a green signal from the doctor and with the vigilance and care of a trained instructor, here are common exercises that can be done during pregnancy. Low Impact Aerobics Aerobics for expectant mothers are low impact – meaning no leaps and high kicks and also ensuring that one foot is always on the floor to minimize pressure on the joints. Aerobics are good for strengthening the joints, keeping the muscles toned and strengthens the heart and lungs. Low impact aerobic can be done throughout the pregnancy gradually decreasing by the end.  Dancing Dance to the tunes of your favorite band or artist, it not only rejuvenates your mind but also is a good exercise to loosen up yourself.

However, care should be taken that you do not leap, jump, take twirls or change directions suddenly. Do not get carried away. Stick to the floor while dancing and it is an easy mantra to remain fit. Swimming The buoyant forces in the pool make the bump weight feel lighter. Swimming is a good cardiovascular exercise for pregnant women. It also strengthens the arms and legs and helps reduce the swelling on feet that commonly occurs during pregnancy. Standing in the pool and exercising, makes it an enjoyable activity as the body feels lighter. Also Read 5 Pregnancy Exercises Every Woman Should Do Benefits of Exercise During Pregnancy Top Recommended Exercises For Pregnancy Yoga and Stretches Stretching keeps the muscles supple and yoga is good to maintain flexibility and keep the muscles toned. Prenatal yoga sessions are kinder on the joints and also help in gently opening and relaxing your body to the changing physical and hormonal needs of your body. Yoga can also be accompanied with pranayam and meditation for emotional stability. Brisk Walking It is a most common form of exercise and a good one for the non-exercisers to begin with.

You can continue the walks during early pregnancy and later during the second and third trimester care should be taken of the posture to avoid straining the back. Keep yourself hydrated during the walks to avoid cramps and loss of energy. Walking can also be accompanied by pelvic floor exercises for additional benefits. Weight Training Light weight training exercises are good to keep the muscles active and toned. Slow, controlled movements during the first trimester can be beneficial to the routine exercises. Although, care should be taken in the second n third trimester; forward bends or leans for long period should be avoided, and lifting heavy weights while standing should be done away with. Proper exercises also help keep muscles supple and aids in bringing the body back in shape easily and quickly post delivery..

Exercises during pregnancy :- 

  • Pregnancy ball exercises.
  • Pelvic exercises for pregnancy.
  • Core exercises for pregnancy.
  • Abs exercises for pregnancy.

Exercises avoid during pregnancy :- 

  • Sports that carry a higher risk of falling or abdominal injury.
  • Sports that involve altitude change.
  • Hot yoga or exercise in super hot weather.
  • Excessive or bouncy stretching.

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