Boston Tower Root Beer, 12oz (4 Pack)



Members of the Cusolito Family immigrated to the United States from Salina, Italy and settled in the Prospect Hill area of Somerville, Massachusetts sometime during the 1870's. In 1914 Cousins Domenick and Giuseppe Cusolito founded Prospect Hill Bottling and Soda Water Company. Shortly thereafter they were joined by Domenick's brother Felix. For the next several decades they would produce and distribute high quality beverages in the Boston market. The most popular of these beverages became "Tower Root Beer". Tower Root Beer quickly became the Root Beer of choice in the Boston and New England market, out selling all of its competitors at that time. Eventually operations of the business were turned over to Domenick's three sons Richard, Jack and Paul in the 1950's. The brothers continued to produce and distribute Tower Root Beer through 1978, when it was removed from the market. Flash forward to 2003, the root beer recipe long sought after by family members resurfaced in family documents. In 2009, after extensive research, the first run of Tower Root Beer in over 30 years was produced. Now a group of Cusolito family members are proud to continue the tradition and return Tower Root Beer and other flavors to the New England Market.


Boston Tower




Root Beer